Have clean gutters this fall with new Gutter Screens!!!

Gutter Guard Gutter Screens by GutterDome in Des Moines, IAThursday, September 22nd is the first day of the Fall season. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the cooler temperatures and as the leaves change to brilliant fall colors just before falling onto your house and getting trapped in your gutters.

Did you realize that those leaves can damage your roof and lead to costly roof replacements or repairs? Now is the time to have Specialty Home Solutions install gutter screen gutter guards made by GutterDome.   Clogged gutters can also cause water damage to the walls and foundations of the house from the overflowing water, as well as, encourage insect breeding and infestations. For these reasons, it is important to take anti-clogging measures before damage occurs.

Listed below are a few things that you can do:

  • Regular Cleaning. Leaves and debris fall into your gutters naturally. Nearby trees have leaves that turn brown and fall off in the autumn, and wind can blow them off and force them into the gutters. Dirt builds up in the gutters and can end up clogging the channels, so it’s important to have gutters cleaned regularly. The more often the clean-up, the less the effort to remove and clean your gutters each time.
  • Gutter Screens. Installing Gutter Guards is another way that you can prevent clogging altogether is to install gutter guards to block the entry of debris into the gutters. A gutter guard will stop larger fragments such as leaves and other debris from building up in the gutters, including shingle grit and even dirt.

Gutter Dome Gutter Guard Straight run seamGutter guards are a permanent solution for an annual problem. Every year, many hours are spent cleaning clogged, and debris filled rain gutters. This time consuming and dangerous task that can be eliminated by installing a gutter guard system. GutterDome gutter guards are a rain gutter protection system. This cutting edge siphoning technology and innovatively designed gutter guards prevent clogged rain gutters and eliminates gutter cleaning for all-time.

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